Our Mission


Evant Horizon was created to give science enthusiasts an outlet to represent their love for science.


We are, as Albert Einstein would put it, the passionately curious.

The ones who've looked up at the night sky in awe and wonder since childhood.

We are those who are astonished by our existence and are endlessly intrigued by what we are and where we come from.

To rep Evant Horizon is to show your love of science:                                                                     the greatest story ever told that continues to unfold.

"We're on this planet for the briefest of moments in cosmic terms, and I want to spend that time thinking about what I consider the deepest questions." -Brian Greene

We envision a world where the vast majority of people are astonished by their existence and humbled by their place in the universe.

We aim to increase scientific literacy across the globe not by reciting facts but by telling the drama-filled story of science.